I want to live in a world where family members support each other and come together during hard times. A world where character, values and family history are passed forward from one generation to the next.

It breaks my heart to see families fight over money, stop speaking to each other and make life harder than it needs to be because they don’t know there is a better way to plan.

Our family found out the hard way . . .

When my parents passed away eight months apart, we were unprepared for the emotional storm that comes from suddenly becoming an orphan. We paid $1.8 million in taxes, a payment that could have been avoided. In less than two decades, the majority of the real estate my parents left us, is gone. Tragically, several branches of our family tree have been separated forever.

Afterwards, I learned the shocking truth.

70% of families loose a portion of their wealth during the first transfer.

Historically, only one out of ten families successfully transfer wealth to the fourth generation.

The real story isn’t the loss of wealth. The real story is why the family losses wealth.

It’s caused by the family 97% of the time!

Wealthy Family Secrets

There is a small group of billionaire families that have perfected the art of keeping their family together while retaining wealth. They are called 100 year families, or Legacy Families. These families add a plan, I call it Legacy Planning, to their planning efforts that allows them to create lasting families with lasting wealth. Here’s the good news! You don’t have to be a billionaire to benefit from adding a Legacy Plan to your planning efforts.

Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning is the plan you add now, with your family. It addresses the forgotten human factor that leads to wealth transfer failure. Legacy Planning gives your family the ultimate advantage: the confidence and ability to handle anything.

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